Special Software

Instrument Systems has developed an assortment of specialized software programs. The different software packages are described below:


The MultiCAS software supports operation of multiple CAS 140CT spectrometers in parallel. A combination of differing CAS 140CT models can thus be configured to cover a wide spectral range. The MultiCAS software automatically patches the individual spectra together into one large spectrum. A hardware trigger ensures proper synchronization of the devices, guaranteeing simultaneous spectral acquisition.

A typical application is the characterization of flash lamps. Solar simulators utilizing Xenon flash lamps can be characterized over the spectral range from 220 to 1650nm (or even 2150 nm with the extended InGaAs detector).

MultiCAS software supports the following:

  • operation of up to three CAS 140CT spectrometers
  • synchronization of the spectrometers via a hardware trigger signal
  • analysis and graphical display of the entire spectrum
  • correction of the integrated radiometric value for short measurement times
  • saving of results


The Multitrack software aids in the capture of dynamic processes, including for example burn and explosive processes exhibiting a rapid spectral change over the duration of the event. All data is written directly into system memory, enabling acquisition times down to 10 - 20 ms. The number of acquisitions is only limited by the available system memory. Upon completion, acquired spectra can be visualized graphically for further analysis.

Multitrack software supports the following:

  • operation of the CAS 140CT spectrometer
  • measurement triggering via a TTL or handshake/query signal
  • direct recording of acquired spectra into system memory
  • subsequent graphical display of the acquired spectra with results
  • saving acquired spectra in a table format


The CASPulse software was especially developed for pulsed LED measurements (both optical and electrical). Parameters such as the number of pulses, pulse length, duty cycle and the length of pulse trains can all be predefined. The CASPulse software thus simplifies characterization of the thermal properties of high-power LEDs und LED modules.

The measurement set-up comprises a Keithley 2520 LIV tester and the CAS 140CT array spectrometer with appropriate LED fixtures.

CASPulse software supports the following:

  • operation of the CAS 140CT spectrometer and the Keithley 2520 pulsed current source
  • control of the TTL trigger signal for each device
  • measurement acquisition
  • recording of the LED parameters
  • correction of data in measurements where a resistor lies in parallel to the LED (to eliminate residual current)
  • calculation and analysis of the results

Further Information