High-precision electro-optical characterization of displays

In 2012, Instrument Systems GmbH acquired the development and production rights of Autronic-Melchers GmbH for its display measurement systems.
The instruments are based on goniometric measurement methods, and they have defined worldwide standards for determining the angle-dependent characteristics of displays.

All measurement systems can be universally applied for any display technologies (LCD, AMOLEDs, e-Paper, etc.):

  • Characterization of emissive, transmissive, reflective, and transflective displays
  • Viewing-angle-dependent analysis of illuminance, contrast, color, and derived parameters
  • Determination of the electro-optical transfer function: analysis of luminance, contrast, and color depending on electrical driving conditions
  • Measurement of transient properties, such as switching times, flicker, and modulation

A comprehensive range of accessories, e.g. illumination devices and forced-air temperature-control chambers, is supplied for all measurement systems.

Goniometric measurement systems

The goniometers of the DMS Series provide an optimum system solution for the detailed analysis of the electro-optical characteristics of displays as a function of viewing angle in quality assurance, as well as research and development. The following measurement systems are supplied:



Display size /
Measuring area


DMS 201

Manual 2-axis goniometer

500 x 400 mm /
500 x 400 mm

Low-cost system

DMS 505

6-axis goniometer (3 axes motorized, 3 manual)

600 mm diagonal /
300 mm diagonal

Cost-effective standard system

DMS 803

6-axis goniometer
(fully motorized)

600 mm diagonal /
300 mm diagonal

Fully motorized comfort system; area scan for homogeneity measurements

DMS 903

6-axis goniometer
(fully motorized) with stationary DUT

1600 x 1300 mm /
600 x 450 mm

Specially for large displays