LS100 / LS500 - Light sources from the UV to the IR

The light sources of the LS100 und LS500 series were developed by Instrument Systems specifically for use with optical fibers. These light sources ensure efficient coupling even into multimode fibers. Assorted versions cover the spectral range from the UV to the IR.


  • high optical coupling efficiency into optical fibers
  • compatible with various fiber connectors
  • available in different models for the UV to the IR

SMA connectors and fiber bundle adapters are available for all models, providing compatibility with our measurement accessories and the appropriate type of optical fiber. Stabilized power supplies are available for models from the LS100 series. For models from the LS500 series, the power supply is integrated into the housing.


Spectral range



380 - 850 nm

100 W halogen lamp with cold light reflector


350 - 2200 nm

100 W halogen lamp with broad band reflector; high stability for T/R measurements


220 - 1700 nm

combined light source with 20 W halogen and 30 W deuterium lamps


190 - 1700 nm

combined light source with 20 W halogen and 30 W deep-UV deuterium lamps


220 - 350 nm

30 W deuterium lamp


190 - 350 nm

30 W deep-UV deuterium lamp

A cut-off filter is incorporated into the LS500 models with a transmission range down to 220 nm. This filter absorbs the radiation below 220 nm and thus prevents the darkening (solarization) that can occur in standard fibers. The deep-UV models down to 190 nm do not have this filter and therefore require the use of fibers resistant to solarization.

Solarization describes a degradation process in fibers in which the transmission of short wavelength light is dramatically reduced due to the action of UV radiation (darkening).