Measuring near-to-eye AR/VR displays in head-mounted displays (HMD) 

Quality Control of AR/VR Displays for Homogeneity, Contrast, Angle Dependency and Color Fidelity

Head-mounted displays (HMD) project a computer-generated image. The wearer is immersed in a virtual world (virtual reality) or receives additional information (augmented reality) superimposed on the real image. In their devices most HMD manufacturers use displays that are worn very close to the eye.


AR/VR devices are used in various fields of applications. For example, AR/VR glasses may be used to assist machine operation in production, in the medical field, transport industry or the entertainment branch.


Display or calibration errors distract from the wearer’s sense of immersion in the virtual world. In quality assurance they must be reliably recognized and evaluated. This opens up a new and exciting field for display measurement subject to constantly changing demands on the technology.


Precise and reliable display metrology is necessary for:


  • calibration of AR/VR devices
  • recognition of image defects
  • development of new AR/VR technology
The Challenges: Large Field of Vision, Near-to-Eye Displays

The displays of immersive VR devices generate images in an extremely broad field of vision. Today some VR glasses cover the entire horizontal field of vision of the human eye. To enable realistic measurements, an imaging system must therefore capture all areas of the virtual image.


The close proximity of the display to the eye also magnifies display defects, making them more prominent to the wearer. At the same time, the resolution of these displays is constantly increasing, with the aim of creating an illusion that is as near as possible to reality. To ensure reliable results, measuring instruments require excellent resolution, if possible at pixel level.


The more similar the measuring instruments mimic the human eye, the better the entire field of vision and the relevant defects can be recognized.

Our solutions: DMS goniometer and LumiTop – two established measuring systems for innovative AR/VR applications


These DMS display measuring systems are based on the CAS series of high-end spectrometers from Instrument Systems. They are automated all-in-one systems that emulate the human perception system by angle- and time-resolved measurement with a degree of precision that is virtually unrivalled on the market. They can be equipped with custom optics and extensive accessories, e.g. to simulate ambient lighting and temperature. Software tools are available for AR/VR applications, e.g. eye box mapping and flicker.


The LumiTop measuring system in combination with a CAS spectrometer is one of the few 2D color measuring systems available on the market with spectroradiometric precision and extremely short measuring times. For many years the LumiTop system has been an integral part of the assembly lines of some of the biggest display manufacturers. For use in the measurement of AR/VR displays, the successful concept was supplemented by a special AR/VR lens. 


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