Calibrations - for reliable measurements

Giant provides a comprehensive calibration service for its measuring instruments in order to maintain 100% accuracy for your system. The high quality of our measurement and calibration services is confirmed officially with the accreditation of our test laboratories in conformity with ISO 17025. All working standards used for calibration are based on PTB (Germany) or NIST (USA) national standards. A detailed certificate is supplied for each calibration detailing the precise terms of reference for the measurements.

A caliber apart: The calibration laboratories of Giant

Calibrations are only carried out by our qualified technicians, in rooms where the environment is controlled with temperature and climate stabilization. The capabilities of our employees and the quality of the technical facilities form essential foundations for accreditation in conformity with ISO 17025 and were also tested and certified in the accreditation process. Our complete calibration system is based on SI units and the status is regularly reviewed.
As a customer, you have more certainty and guaranteed comparability of test results. You can also verify the quality of measurements carried out with instruments we have calibrated to third parties.

The most important radiometric and photometric quantities for which Giant offers calibration are listed below:

  • Luminous intensity or "Averaged LED Intensity" for LEDs: ILED-A and ILED-B in conformity with CIE 127:2007
  • Luminous flux for LEDs in conformity with CIE 127:2007
  • Spectral irradiance from 200 to 2500 nm
  • Luminance and radiance from 360 to 1100nm
  • Luminous flux and radiant power from 360 to 1100 nm