SpecWin Pro - a powerful laboratory software suite

SpecWin Pro provides the highest degree of functionality for the operation of Instrument Systems spectrometers. The software is based on a complete new development and incorporates the most recent programming technologies available for Windows.


  • runs under Windows
  • compatible with the MAS 40, CAS 140B/CT, SPECTRO 320 R4 und R5 spectrometer series
  • supports LEDGON 100, TOP 200, DTS 500 and MiniGon
  • runs under Windows


  • spectral analysis of all types of light source
  • LED measurements
  • display measurements, including NVIS measurements according to MIL-L-85762A or MIL-STD-3009
  • transmission und reflection

SpecWin Pro further supports the comprehensive range of accessories available from Instrument Systems, including the LEDGON 100 und MiniGon series of goniophotometers, the DTS 500 positioning system and the TOP 200 telescopic optical probe with video display of the measurement area. An AddOn extends full compatibility to the Keithley 2400 und Keithley 2600 series current sources, so that electrical parameters can be included together with the optical measurements in the analysis and documentation.

SpecWin Pro provides a separate window for each application, comprising the entire application-specific options dialog, visualizations and analysis. Furthermore, a predefined report page is linked with each measurement window. The report contents can be individually changed.

One particularly useful feature of SpecWin Pro is the option to acquire and document a series of measurements. Important set-up options and relevant measurement parameters can be chosen from a list and included in the documentation. Each measurement is then appended to a continuous results table which can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. An integrated Pass/Fail function allows convenient monitoring of specific measurement conditions or results.

Screenshot SpecWin Pro