LumiCam Software

A common software platform has been developed for the LumiCam 1300 family which provides comprehensive analysis and display options of the captured data. Luminance and color maps can be displayed in various, freely definable false color projections. The Software calculates all the relevant quantities.

  • Luminous distribution
  • RGB color image
  • Color coordinates (x, y and u’, v’)
  • Color temperature
  • Color uniformity
  • Dominant wavelength and color saturation
  • Contrast

The LumiCam Software supports the various areas of application with specific functions that allow a wide range of different measuring tasks to be carried out fast.

  • Spotmeter can be placed in any desirable number and size. Minimum, maximum, and average luminance values as well as color coordinates and further colormetric parameters are determined automatically within each spotmeter. The determined color coordinates are displayed on a CIE diagram.
  • The polygon tool generates flexible markings in order to define individual boundaries for measuring areas. Each pixel within the polygon is classified to an object (target) or background on the basis of its luminance value. This allows the software to carry out a fast and simple analysis of the measuring areas for contrast and minimum, maximum and average luminance, of the foreground and background areas.
  • A 3D display enables visualization of the luminance distribution in a 3D representation. The area of interest is selected and can be freely rotated over all spatial axes.
  • The line tool allows easy analysis of the variation in luminance along a path. The function is ideal for analysis of intersections over an entire display surface or for assessing the homogeneity within display elements.

All data sets compiled by the analysis tools can be conveniently transferred to Excel. Individual pass/fail criteria can also be defined. Finally, specialized reporting capabilities round off the functionality of the LumiCam software.

Screenshot LumiCam Software