LumiCam DLL & LabVIEW Driver

If you need to control the LumiCam 1300 series using custom software, Giant offers LumiCam DLL software as well as a driver for LabVIEW. The LumiCam 1300 imaging photometers and colorimeters can thus be integrated into measurement set-ups and used in combination with other devices. Sample software programs in various programming languages are included.

The LumiCam DLL enables remote control of all camera functions as well as analysis of results. For this purpose, the LumiCam DLL includes the entire range of routines for calculating photometric and colorimetric values and access to the analysis tools of the LumiCam software is provided.

The LabVIEW driver corresponds to an extension of the LumiCam DLL and makes the functionality of the DLL available in the form of LabVIEW VIs. Sample VIs are included to assist the adoption of this type of programming.