LGS 1000 - Superior measurement technology for large SSL lamps and LED modules

The new LGS 1000 goniophotometer or goniospectroradiometer analyzes the angle-dependent spatial radiation properties of large SSL lamps and LED modules up to a length of 1900 mm and weight of 50 kg. The Type C design with horizontal optical axis permits a much simpler setup for the measuring path – despite its impressive dimensions of 1850 x 1492 x 1798 mm – than with complex mirror goniophotometers.

Combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, all spectral quantities such as color coordinates, color temperature and even color rendering index can be determined as a function of angle. C-plane measurements can also be carried out very quickly “on the fly” using the Optronik DSP Photometer.

The complete system

The LGS 1000 comprises the goniometer with a sample plate for fixing the test specimen and the LGS Controller. The goniometer also features accessible steps for much easier mounting of test specimens. The LGS Controller is integrated in a large 19” rack. The controller drives the servo motor and displays the angle. It also shows the measured values in candela or lux as necessary.

Product highlights:

  • Type C goniophotometer for specimens up to 1900 mm in diameter
  • Accessible steps facilitate mounting of samples
  • Accurate determination of luminous intensity and luminous flux
  • Angular-resolved analysis of spectral and colorimetric quantities
  • Optional luminous flux integrator

Technical Specifications:

LGS 1000 Goniophotometer


CIE goniometer type

Type C with horizontal optical axis


Servo motors

Angular range C axis

± 180° with end switches

Angular range γ axis

± 170° with end switches (usable to ± 165° due to shadowing)

Resolution of the angle encoder


Reproducibility C axis

≤ 0.1° (at rated load)
≤ 0.2° (at max. load)

Reproducibility γ axis

≤ 0.1° (at rated load)
≤ 0.1° (at max. load)

Angular speed C axis

5°/s to 50°/s selectable (16 speeds)

Angular speed γ axis

5°/s to 30°/s selectable (16 speeds)

Travel range Z axis

50 to 500 mm via hand crank (integrated measuring scale in mm)

Clear height

1005 mm

Sample table

Maximum sample size

1700 x 1050 mm² or 1900 x 620 mm² (in each case for symmetrical mounting)

Rated load range

0-30 kg

Maximum load range

to 50 kg

LGS Controller


Driving the servo motors of the goniometer; display of the angle positions; optional display of measured values for the Optronik photometer


RS-232-C for connecting a PC; CAN Bus for DSP measurement amplifier and remote control RecoCAN

System setup

Separate 19" rack 33 U (dimensions of rack: 1650 x 552 x 600 mm)

Power supply and max. consumption

230 V; approx. 2000 VA

Ordering Information:

Order no.




LGS 1000 Goniometer; 2-axis goniometer in type C configuration with horizontal optical axis; separate 19” rack for LGS Controller (includes space for further modules); without photometer or spectroradiometer



Optional 115 VAC power supply for LGS 1000


RecoCAN remote control for manual angle positioning


Luminous flux integrator for LGS 1000



Optronik Photometer comprising
FE10-10L photometer head (10 x 10 mm detector aperture), class L in conformity with DIN5032-7, EN-DIN13032-1, CIE69; DSP measuring amplifier with digital signal processor for connecting to LGS Controller;
Factory calibration certificate and certificate of V-Lambda correction of the detector; incl. mounting plate for stand