The entire spectrum of angle-dependent measurements

The goniophotometers from Instrument Systems allow angle-dependent optical parameters of LED and SSL products to be comprehensively analyzed. This covers the entire value chain from single packaged LEDs, through LED modules and light engines to large SSL lamps and luminaires.

All goniophotometers are designed as Type C with a horizontal alignment of the optical axis (turning luminaire configuration). Each goniometer sets benchmarks in its class for precision, reliability and handling. If these goniophotometers are combined with a spectroradiometer from Instrument Systems, they are able to determine not only photometric data but also spectral quantities, such as color coordinates, color temperature, and even color rendering index as a function of angle.


Sample size

Sample weight

Application range



112 mm

0.7 kg

Single LEDs, LED arrays and small modules

Goniometer and optical bench in light-tight enclosure with hinged lid

LGS 350

700 mm

8 kg

Medium-sized LED modules and SSL light sources

Compact setup with integrated control electronics

LGS 1000

1900 mm

50 kg

Large SSL lamps and luminaires

Accessible steps to goniometer enable test specimens to be easily mounted; optional luminous flux integrator

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