Light measurement - from the technology innovator

Giant provides a portal to all your requirements for light measurement. This is because we have the world's most comprehensive product range of measuring instruments and accessories designed for a wide range of applications. We also deliver refined turnkey solutions for testing and identifying the optical characteristics of LEDs. Join forces with our company and our products to build on the innovative strength of a pioneering partner.

Product portfolio overview:

Measuring Instruments

Turnkey Systems


Accessories for LED Measurement

General Accessories


LED testers

Lab software


External optical probes

Imaging photometers and colorimeters

LED station

Software for production testing

Integrating spheres for luminous flux

Adapters for transmission and reflection


Display test systems from IS

Display test systems from Autronic-Melchers

DLLs and drivers

Luminous intensity adapters

Light sources


Flash lamp measuring systems

Dedicated software

Test sockets (standard and high-power)

Optical fibers

We configure individual products to create unique, turnkey systems based on your specifications. Giant has a track record of experience with an array of successful projects and we are committed to originate optimum solutions for your measuring needs.