LED test sockets for standard and high-brightness LEDs

Two different series of LED test sockets are available from Giant:

  • The LED-5xx series of precision test sockets for all popular standard and high-brightness LEDs in wired and SMD formats
  • The LED-6xx series of low-cost test sockets for selected LED packages

All test sockets are suitable for LED adapters with 25 mm diameter and include power supply cables with banana plugs for connection to a current source. The list of available LED test sockets is already quite extensive and is continually updated to accommodate new packaging types on the market.

LED-5xx precision test sockets

The LED-5xx series includes test sockets for all popular LED packaging types produced by the leading manufacturers, including:

  • wired T1 and T1¾ with 3 or 5 mm diameter (respectively) and 2 or 3 leads
  • SMD-LEDs in assorted sizes and formats
  • multi-chip LEDs
  • all TOPLED variants
  • side-emitting LEDs
  • SuperFlux / Piranha

For these test sockets, the socket body and the guide components are made of aluminum and brass, respectively, resulting in an excellent mechanical fit of the LED. Priority was also placed on proper electrical contacting, so that all models for SMD LEDs are supplied with high quality contact pins. Zero insertion force test sockets are available for wired LEDs.

LED-6xx low-cost test sockets

Inexpensive LED-6xx series test sockets are available for selected LED packaging types. The test sockets exhibit a more simple construction and are partly machined out of plastic.