Transmission and Reflection - More applications with wide range of accessories

Giant supplies a wide range of accessories for measuring diffuse or specular transmission, and reflection at optical components and surfaces. These accessories can be connected to the spectrometer through a fiberoptic cable. Accessories can be swapped easily to permit much more flexible applications than is possible with traditional spectrophotometers where the light source, the sample compartment and the spectrometer are integrated in one unit.

The optical spectrometers supplied by Giant are used particularly with the following applications:

  • Photovoltaics: reflectance of solar cells
  • Optical industry: coating of optical filters and lenses
  • Research: analysis of liquid crystals and polymers
  • Automobile industry: analysis of metallic paints

The accessories vary for the different spectrophotometric test and measurement procedures according to whether specular or diffuse measurements have to be performed:

  • TRA 100 specular transmission
  • GON 360 specular transmission and reflection at variable angles
  • RMH 45 diffuse reflection in 45°/0° geometry
  • ISP 150 diffuse transmission and reflection in d/0°, d/8° and 8°/d in conformity with DIN 5032

Apart from convenient analysis of spectral values, SpecWin Pro software permits comprehensive colorimetric evaluations including the color distance system L*a*b* and Delta E.